Featured: Ardbeg breaks all records with its £16mn malt whisky

09 Jul 2022

Beamish International's Charles Beamish was recently featured in the Financial Times as the FT gets an exclusive first taste of the most expensive cask in history.

Speaking on the recent Ardbeg record £16mn single cask whisky sale, Charles Beamish shares his thoughts as the rise of ultra-rare whisky, continues...

Even those who start out as cold-blooded investors usually get romanced by their cask in the end, says Charles Beamish, formerly of Whyte & Mackay and now of private client whisky firm Beamish International, which sources whisky for clients in south-east Asia, Europe and the US. “When they first come to us, I’d say 80 per cent are looking to buy casks for drinking, collecting and gifting. The other 20 per cent are looking to invest. But by the end, 100 per cent of them have become whisky lovers and drinkers.”

Photography by Benjamin McMahon

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