Custom Research Reports

Navigating the world of fine and rare whisky can often be challenging, particularly when it comes to assessing the inherent risks associated with this asset class.

This challenge is compounded by the limited availability of directly comparable reference points and the uniqueness of each asset. Our solution to this problem is the provision of custom-made research reports, tailored specifically to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Our Approach:

Our close relationship with producers and distilleries allows us to do much more than describe historical events and developments at the distillery. An essential component of all our custom research reports are distillery visits, which allow us to speak directly with the people who have been working at the distillery for generations, engage directly with the distillery’s historians and archivists, speak with the master distillers and learn more from the families that own these distilleries to find out facts that are typically unavailable in the public domain.

Our technical expertise in data analytics, detailed understanding of the inner mechanics and processes of various auction houses & distribution venues and first-class risk modelling tools are just a few examples of how we can add value to your rare whisky bottle or cask purchases or timely sales. By doing this, we believe that our pragmatic and transactionally agnostic approach to data allows us to serve our client’s needs to the highest standards and allows them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Sample Reports

If you would like to find out more about Beamish International’s Custom Research Reports, please contact our Head of Portfolio Management, Vladimir Zabnin