Market Scanning Services

We recognise that staying informed about all the whisky bottle auctions can be a time-consuming and complex task, especially given that no single data provider encompasses the entire market.

Our market scanning services are meticulously designed to pinpoint precisely what our clients are looking for, removing the necessity for them to monitor the market themselves continually.


What It Entails:

Auction Market Scanning Service: We offer our auction market scanning service to clients seeking specific whisky bottles, sets, or collections from the auction market.

Auction Market Scanning Service & Post-Reporting: Our auction market scanning and post-reporting service is perfectly suited for clients looking to monitor specific whisky bottles, sets, or collections and to gain detailed information after the auction concludes. Our post-auction report delivers comprehensive details including the auction house name, the date of the auction conclusion, the number of bids placed, the highest bid received, the reserve met status, the hammer price, the buyer’s premium, and the total price including the buyer’s premium. We also detail the net amount received by the seller. Moreover, we offer the convenience of converting all pricing data to the client’s preferred currency as of the auction date, ensuring a seamless and informative service tailored to our clients’ needs.


How It Works:

When a relevant auction is identified, we promptly notify the client via email or messaging platforms like WhatsApp/WeChat, providing a direct link to the auction. Additionally, if no auctions for the desired item(s) take place, we send a weekly or monthly email confirming the absence of such auctions.


If you would like to find out more about Beamish International’s Market Scanning Services, please contact our Head of Portfolio Management, Vladimir Zabnin

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